I work a lot in printmaking; very often there are unexpected results, meaning that I am less precious about the results and can experiment and play more.

Until recently, I primarily worked in screenprinting, using the facilities at Edinburgh Printmakers. Screenprinting is a process where black stencils are created on transparent film – they can be drawn, painted, photographic – and these are then transferred using a light sensitive emulsion onto a large screen. The screen is coated in the emulsion, the stencils are placed on it, and then they are exposed to UV light. Where the light is blocked by the marks on the stencil the emulsion remains soft and is washed off the screen, leaving an open area of mesh the exact replica of the stencil. This can then be printed in any colour, by pushing the ink through the screen using a squeegee. Every colour has a separate stencil and these are printed on top of each other to build up the final image. I use a lot of colours in my prints, and some prints have over 20 layers!

Recently I have been working more in linocut and collagraph which involve making a physical plate and printing using a rolling press. For more information on the processes and to see some examples, please click here .