Lino Cuts and Collagraphs

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, my usual access to printmaking facilities was curtailed and everything closed down. I decided to convert a small craft die-cutting machine, normally used for cutting out shapes in papercraft, into a small rolling press. I used this to print linocuts and collagraphs. I also made the decision to take my inspiration from my direct environment, as we were not allowed to travel outside, so my cat, Sunny, featured heavily!

Linocut is a relief printing method, where areas of lino are carved out and ink applied to the remaining raised surface, which is then printed by applying pressure. You can make single colour or more complicated multi-colour prints, but it is very different to the complex photographic processes I use in my screenprinting.

Collagraph involves making a textured ‘plate’ from cardboard and found materials. It is usually printed as an Intaglio print, where the ink is applied and then rubbed back so that it sits in the hollows on the plate. It is then printed using great pressure and damp paper, forcing the paper into the hollows where it picks up the ink. It is quite a painterly and fluid form of printmaking, offering surprising and often very atmospheric results.

Some of these prints are still available to purchase. If you would like to find out more, please click here